Isodora Crane - The Impossibilities Of A Static Universe


Artist - Isodora Crane
Release - The Impossibilities Of A Static Universe
Genre - Screamo/Hardcore
Country - United States
Website - Unknown
mySpace -
Time - 17:19 Minutes
File Size - 23,80 Mb

Band Members:
Jonothan Crow
Phoenix Marco
Vincent Valiante
Matthew Manuel
Eros Mantis

1. Don't Play Russian Roulette With a Man Who Has Two Glass Eyes
2. I Am Finished
3. Langrisser
4. Untitled Orchestra
5. We Set Off a Fucking Bomb in a Strangers House and Set Off
6. Carve the Words Why Me Into a Tree and Come Back 20 Years Later and if They're Still There Ask Yourself Why Me

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