Bullet For My Valentine - The Poison (Special Edition)

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Artist - Bullet For My Valentine
Release - The Poison (Special Edition)
Genre - Metal/Post-Hardcore
Country - United Kingdom
Website - http://www.bulletformyvalentine1.com
mySpace - http://www.myspace.com/bulletformyvalentine
Time - 1:05:00 Minutes
File Size - 63,40 Mb

Band Members:
Matt - Vocals/Guitar
Padge - Guitar
Moose - Drums
Jay - Bass

1. 4 Words (To Choke Upon)
2. 7 Days
3. 10 Years Today
4. Just Another Star
5. All These Things I Hate
6. All These Things I Hate [Live]
7. Cries In Vain
8. Her Voice Resides
9. Hit The Floor
10. Intro
11. My Fist, Your Mouth, Her Scars
12. Room 409 410
13. Spit You Out
14. Spit You Out [Live]
15. Suffocating Under Words Of Sorr
16. Tears Don't Fall
17. The End
18. The Poison

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