Five Star For Failure - Discography


Artist - Five Star For Failure
Release - Discography
Genre - Hardcore/Metal/Rock/Screamo
Country - United States
Website - Unknown
mySpace -
Time - 33:36 Minutes
File Size - 49,70 Mb

Band Members:
Dusty Dewitt - Vocals
Jim Ellis - Guitar
J.T. - Guitar
Jeremy Wiseman - Bass
Corey - Drums

1. St. Anne
2. Red Flag
3. East Monument
4. Make It Click
5. Last Words
6. Rock Salt
7. Aperture
8. Caterstories
9. Right Behind You
10. Were It Car Invisible
11. Break, Eye
12. Stuffing
13. Fired

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Anonymous said...

yo. those aren't the correct people who were in this Pennsylvania band. they were matt reilly (went on to play in fighter hayabusa and nationale), justin labarge (went on to play in fighter hayabusa, the minor times and hostages) and jay donahue. after we broke up, some nerds stole our name...weak.