Dispensing Of False Halos - With Prayers And A Scalpel


Artist - Dispensing Of False Halos
Release - With Prayers And A Scalpel
Genre - Hardcore/Metal/Screamo
Country - United States
Website - Unknown
mySpace - www.myspace.com/dispensingof
Time - 46:56 Minutes
File Size - 32,20 Mb

Band Members:
Rusty Steele - Vocals
Will Bliss - Guitar
Bill Bailey - Drums
Joe Carrington - Guitar
Brian Dingemon - Bass

1. All It Would Take
2. Choking Back Your Future Regrets
3. Detesting Your Lies
4. Here's A Noose
5. It Was Always Said
6. Now Repeat
7. Snap Shot Memories
8. Teeth On Asphalt
9. With Prayers And A Scalpel

1 screams:

dondee2 said...

Good screamy stuff, thank you for the links, but this one is not the "with prayers and a scalpel" one, it's the same link as the previous "Growing Up, Giving In" album.