Daniel Striped Tiger - S/T Demo CD-EP


Artist - Daniel Striped Tiger
Release - S/T Demo CD-EP
Genre - Screamo/Punk/Jazz/Indie
Country - United States
Website - www.danielstripedtiger.com
mySpace - www.myspace.com/danielstripedtiger
Time - 20:26 Minutes
File Size - 29,30 Mb

Band Members:
Daniel Madden
Sean Yeaton
Jason St.Claire
John Bogan

1. Never In A Million Years
2. Now Walk Away Knowing That Four Kids
3. Oh, But It Never Quite Reaches You
4. Our Most Selfish Past-Time
5. Passed Out On Passion
6. Self-Help
7. Stop Where You Are!
8. The Great Bust On Antarctica
9. The Quickest Wit I Can Think Of
10. Where I Lived And What I Lived For

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