Fingerprint - Self Titled


Artist - Fingerprint
Release - Self Titled
Genre - Screamo/Hardcore
Country - France
Website - Unknown
mySpace - Unknown
Time - 1:03:05 Minutes
File Size - 71,70 Mb

Band Members:

1. Appearance
2. Choix
3. Cleaned For Them
4. Elimination
5. Il est...
6. In Words
7. Libération
8. My Innocent Lips
9. Ouverture
10. Persons And Flag
11. Receiver
12. Status
13. Surrender
14. Surrender-Live
15. Twelve
16. Unlimited
17. Unlimited-Live
18. Utopia
19. We May Be Brothers

3 screams:

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krustie said...

a dude, i know gantz, but this not are the DISCOGRAPHY, you know "La Chambre de Morts" album? well have 8 tracks more, for complety the discography....
cheers and kisses!

alij said...

hey dude, great blog u got here!

i just need to point out tho, i dont think the songlist is in correct order..

but i'm not much help either bcs i dont know what the real one is, but ive heard this in another order..

yeah i'm nazi that way ;)

keep this up, really good place to discover new stuff