Love Like...Electrocution - Self Titled


Artist - Love Like...Electrocution
Release - Self Titled
Genre - Screamo
Country - Austhralia
Website -
mySpace -
Time - 16:00 Minutes
File Size - 22,10 Mb

Band Members:
Garth - Guitar
Dave - Guitar
Jarod Brown - Drums
Jordan Perryman - Bass
Brett - Vocals

1. Da Plague (French For Germans)
2. Hunger Like Numb Toes On An Oslo Sidewalk
3. I May Have Cried A River For Him But He's No Depardieu
4. The Graduate Walks With A Distance Gait
5. The Tropics Of Cancer, Capricorn And A Smashed Face
6. This Charade Has Lasted Well Past The Curtain's Fall
7. Tips For Avoiding The Clap. 1. I Wouldn't Piss On A Scorpion If It Was On Fire
8. We Only Fuck To Black Sabbath Vol. 4
9. We've Built Our Tombs And Now We're Sleeping In Them
10. With Horses In Her Eyes, She Spat Like A Wildcat

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I Couldn't find this album on soulseek, therfore I thank you for this upload.