Gospel - Moon Is A Dead World


Artist - Gospel
Release - Moon Is A Dead World
Genre - Progressive/Hardcore/Thrash
Country - United States
Website - http://www.themoonisadeadworld.com
mySpace - http://www.myspace.com/gospel
Time - 44:28 Minutes
File Size - 61,18 Mb

Band Members:
Adam Dooling
Sean Miller
Jon Pastir
Velvet Roseboom

1. A Golden Dawn
2. And Redemption Fills The Emptiest Of Hearts
3. As Far As You Can Throw Me
4. Congratulations... You've Hit Bottom!
5. Goastandgun
6. Opium
7. Paper Tigon
8. What Means of Witchery
9. Yr Electric Surge Is Sweet

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melanie said...

i love youre blog, buuuut i asked you a few months ago if you could upload "Meleeh - Another Low, A New Hollow" again.. but the link still doesnt work... so, would you please upload it?? i would loooove you for that :D