Thusrday/Envy - Split


Artist - Thusrday/Envy
Release - Split
Genre - Post-Hardcore/Screamo/Alternative/Experimental
Country - United States, Japan

Website Thursday -
Website Envy -

mySpace Thursday -
mySpace Envy -

Time - 33:49 Minutes
File Size - 50,51 Mb

1. As he climbed the dark mountain (Thursday)
2. In silence (Thursday)
3. An absurd and unrealistic dream of peace (Thursday)
4. Appeared and was gone (Thursday)
5. An umbrella fallen into fiction (Envy)
6. Isolation of a light source (Envy)
7. Pure birth and loneliness (Envy)

3 screams:

Chris K said...

Ahhhhh, I've been wanting to hear this for a while now, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Wow, An Umbrealla Fallen Into Fiction is prolly one of the best songs by Envy I've heard.
Thanks for this!

Anonymous said...

an umbrella fallen into fiction is prolly on of the best envy tracks i've ever heard.
thanks for this :)