Errata - Self Titled EP


Artist - Errata
Release - Self Titled EP
Genre - Screamo/Rock/Alternativa
Country - Brazil
Website - Unknown
mySpace -
Time - 24:40 Minutes
File Size - 33,00 Mb

Band Members:
João - Bass
Trindade - Guitar
Richie - Vocals
Diogo - Drums
André - Guitar

1. Permanecer
2. Estética Sentimental
3. Tempestade em Segundos
4. (In)existencia
5. Honesty Is Hard As Miths

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André said...

Hey! This is André, guitar player from this band. Thank you for your post and for your msg in We really appreciate the time you took listening to it. =)
Actually, we're not from Brazil. We're from Portugal and we sing in Portuguese... If you could just correct that...

Thanks again.