The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza - Self Titled


Artist - The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza
Release - Self Titled
Genre - Grindcore/Ghettotech/Metal/Mathcore
Country - Unites States
Website -
Time - 28:23 Minutes
File Size - 33,90 Mb

Band Members:
Jessie Freeland - Vocals
Josh Travis - Guitar
Phil Lockett - Bass
Mike Bradley - Drums

Former Members:
Brad Thomson - Guitar
Layne Meylain - Guitar
Mike Butler - Bass
Mason Crooks - Drums
Paul Simpson - Guitar
Brandon Bateman - Drums
Brad Sexton - Drums
Jimmy Rhodes - Drums

1. Big Puns Not Dead Because I Just Saw Him At The Krispy Kreme
2. Bill Dance Lands The Big One
3. Bringin' It Straight From Alabama
4. Cliff Burton Surprise
5. Daddy's Coming Up
6. Deep On Charlie
7. God Ain't Got No Use For No 180LB. Bag Of Sugar
8. I Bet Heaven Looks Alot Like Talledega
9. My Bowling Balls Frozen In A Footlocker In Chicago
10. Tony Little, Jack Daniels, And The Open Road

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