The Emo Diaries - Chapter 1: What's Mine Is Yours


Various Artists - The Emo Diaries
Release - Chapter 1: What's Mine Is Yours
Genre - Emo
Country - United States
Website -
Time - 48:21 Minutes
File Size - 66,40 Mb

What's Mine Is Yours features unreleased songs by Jimmy Eat World, Samiam, Jejune, Camber, Race Car Riot, Lazycain, Pave The Rocket, Triple Fast Action, Red Level (now Coletta), Only Airplanes Count (now Forstella Ford), Rain Still Falls, Pohgoh (members of Tomorrow and The Maccabees). "A rich, educated and utterly rewarding snapshot of this intense, personal musical style. Not a flat moment here..." says Scratch. The Emo Diaries that started waves of passionate discussion about the "emo" scene - where it's been, where it's going and which bands to look out for.

1. Jimmy Eat World - "Opener"
2. Camber - "Sunday Brown & Green"
3. Race Car Riot - "The Last in 4000"
4. Lazycain - "Stupid Maybe Still"
5. Pave The Rocket - "Zone"
6. Samiam - "Ordinary Life"
7. Rain Still Falls - "Beginner Swimmer"
8. JeJune - "Hialeah"
9. Triple Fast Action - "I Want To Know"
10. Red Level - "Turn It On"
11. Only Airplanes Count - "Kings Do Not Have Watches"
12. Pohgoh - "Friend X"

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