The Emo Diaries - Chapter 4: An Ocean Of Doubt


Various Artists - The Emo Diaries
Release - Chapter 4: An Ocean Of Doubt
Genre - Emo
Country - United States
Website -
Time - 51:14 Minutes
File Size - 72,00 Mb

An Ocean Of Doubt features unreleased songs by Further Seems Forever (featuring Chris Carrabba of Dashboard Confessional, ex-Strongarm), Red Animal War, Spy Versus Spy (UK), Ed Matus' Struggle, The MovieLife, Keystone Sinatra (Sweden), Five Speed, The John Doe Band (Sweden), Aina (Spain), Merrick, Flux Capacitor and ODG (Spain). Incredible post-hardcore from around the world. The best chapter yet. "As far as compilations go...this is about as quality as you can get" says Skyscraper.

1. Five Speed - "What's Our Dilemma"
2. Red Animal War - "Backbreaker"
3. The John Doe Band - "Supergirl"
4. Ed Matus' Struggle - "Distance"
5. Aina - "Rolling Snowball"
6. Further Seems Forever - "Vengeance Factor"
7. Keystone Sinatra - "Twenty1"
8. The MovieLife - "Valens"
9. Spy Versus Spy - "Set The Spokes Alight"
10. ODG - "Corners"
11. Merrick - "Milk And Lots More"
12. Flux Capacitor - "Sasshe"

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