The Emo Diaries - Chapter 6: The Silence In My Heart


Various Artists - The Emo Diaries
Release - Chapter 6: The Silence In My Heart
Genre - Emo
Country - United States
Website -
Time - 54:15 Minutes
File Size - 63,30 Mb

The Silence In My Heart features unreleased songs by Benton Falls (ex-Ethel Meserve), Lewis, Dead Red Sea (ex-Cross My Heart), Dear Diary (Germany), Barcode (Sweden), Stuart (Sweden), The Desert City Soundtrack, Hangin' On A Thread (Italy), Naht (Japan), Andherson, Honeysuckle Serontina (Canada) and Southpaw (England). Chapter Six holds its own with incredible post-hardcore from around the world. "The twelve tracks here are of a consistently high standard. Expect dramatic guitars, crashing drums and a combination of melody, raw energy and emotion. Deep Elm proves, yet again, how good they are at finding fantastic up-and-coming bands before anyone else gets the chance" says Kerrang.

1. Southpaw - "Hub"
2. Lewis - "Everything's Changed"
3. Benton Falls - "Tell Him"
4. Stuart - "2:1"
5. Dear Diary - "This Year's First Snow"
6. Barcode - "Kent"
7. Hangin'On A Thread - "Flavour"
8. Andherson - "Wellspent"
9. Honesuckle Serontina - "Stoopid"
10. Naht - "Way Not Stand Against You"
11. Dead Red Sea - "Even If There's A Chance In Hell"
12. Desert City Soundtrack - "Left You For Who You Are"

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