The Fall Of Troy - Martyrs Among The Casualties

The Fall Of Troy - Martyrs Among The Casualties

Artist - The Fall Of Troy
Release - Martyrs Among The Casualties
Genre - Progressive/Experimental/Punk/Post-Hardcore
Country - United States
Website -
mySpace -
Time - 47:44 Minutes
File Size - 44,93 Mb

Band Members:
Frank Black - Bass/Vox
Thomas Erak - Guitars/Vox
Andrew Forsman - Drums

1. A Little Song And Dance
2. A Tribute To Orville Wilcox
3. Absence Makes The Day Go Longer
4. Chain Wallet, Nike Shoes
5. Knife Fight At The Mormon Church
6. Mirrors Are More Fun Than Television
7. Northern Winds
8. Reasurance Rests In The Sea
9. Semantics Of Sermon
10. The Tears Of The Green Eyed Angels
11. When Summer's Over Will We Dream Of Spring
12. When The Strength Of Men Failed

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kyle said...

wowwww there's so much wrong with all of this. for starters, there are only 7 songs on this EP, and when it was released they weren't called the fall of troy, they were called the thirty years war. also, frank black wasn't with the thirty years war, he came later on in the actual fall of troy era,tim ward was in the thirty year war. the album artwork is wrong also, the artwork that's posted here is for fall of troys first self-titled cd. these are the songs that are on the actual thirty years war EP:
1.A Tribute To Orville Wilcox
2.Chain Wallet, Nike Shoes
3.The Tears of the Green Eyed Angel
4.Mirrors Are More Fun Than Television
5.Reassurance Rests In the Sea
6.When the Strength Of Men Failed
7.Knife Fight At the Mormon Church

all of those other songs are from the band cursive and probably a few other bands

Anonymous said...

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