It Dies Today - The Caitiff Choir


Artist - It Dies Today
Release - The Caitiff Choir
Genre - Metal/Hardcore/Rock
Country - United States
Website -
mySpace -
Time - 41:29 Minutes
File Size - 44,40 Mb

Band Members:
Jason Wood - Vocals
Steve Lemke - Bass
Christopher Cappelli - Guitar
Mike Hatalak - Lead Guitar
Nick Mirusso - Drums

1. A Threnody For Modern Romance
2. Freak Gasoline Fight Accident
3. Marigold
4. My Promise
5. Naenia
6. Our Disintigration
7. Severed Ties Yield Severed Heads
8. The Caitiff Choir Defeatism
9. The Caitiff Choir Revelations
10. The Depravity Waltz
11. The Radiance

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good points and the details are more precise than somewhere else, thanks.

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