Hot Cross - A New Set Of Lungs

Hot Cross - A New Set Of Lungs

Artist - Hot Cross
Release - A New Set Of Lungs
Genre - Screamo/Hardcore/Punk/Rock
Country - United States
Website -
mySpace -
Time - 14:21 Minutes
File Size - 19,72 Mb

Band Members:
Greg Drudy - Thumping
Matt Smith - Throbbing
Casey Boland - Thwanging
Billy Werner - Throating

1. 4a-030401
2. Between Minutes And Miles
3. Born On The Cusp
4. Finger Redux
5. History Fell In The Heart Broke Open
6. Lend Me Your Brain (I'm Building An Idiot)
7. Putting The Past Right

2 screams:

Hot Cross said...

The track list is actually wrong.

If you like this record and want to support the artist as well as get a decent quality download, please go to


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