The Dillinger Escape Plan - Calculating Infinity


Artist - The Dillinger Escape Plan
Release - Calculating Infinity
Genre - Mathcore/Hardcore/Metal/Alternative
Country - United States
Website -
mySpace -
Time - 38:01 Minutes
File Size - 43,70 Mb

Band Members:
Greg Puciato - Vocal
Ben Weinman - Guitar
Jeff Tuttle - Guitar
Liam Wilson - Bass
Gil Sharone - Drums

Past Members:
Dimitri Minakakis - Vocal
Mike Patton - Vocal/Samplers
Jeff Wood - Bass
Adam Doll - Bass
John Fulton - Guitar
Derek Brantley - Guitar
Chris Pennie - Drums
Brian Benoit - Guitar

1. 4th Grade Dropout
2. 43% Burnt
3. #...
4. Calculating Infinity
5. Clip The Apex. . . Accept Instruction
6. Destro's Secret
7. Jim Fear
8. Sugar Coated Sour
9. The Running Board
10. Variations On A Cocktail Dress
11. Weekend Sex Change

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