Underoath - Define The Great Line


Artist - Underoath
Release - Define The Great Line
Genre - Post-Hardcore/Metal/Hardcore
Country - United States
Website - www.underoath777.com
mySpace - www.myspace.com/underoath
Time - 45:48 Minutes
File Size - 41,90 Mb

Band Members:
Aaron Gillespie - Drums/Vocal
Tim McTague - Guitar
Christopher Dudley - Keyboard
Grant Brandell - Bass
James Smith - Guitar
Spencer Chamberlain - Vocal

Past Members:
Dallas Taylor - Vocal (Currently in Maylene and The Sons of Disaster and Everett project)
Corey Steger - Guitar
Matthew Clark - Bass
Octavio Fernandez - Bass/Guitar (At The Wake)
Billy Nottke - Bass
Luke Morton - Guitar
Samm Shuffler - Guitar (Currently in The Milanos)
Scott Nunn - Drums/Guitar (From first formation, out after Act of Depression)
Chris "Skinny" Kelner - Guitar

1. A Moment Suspended in Time
2. Casting Such a Thin Shadow
3. Everyone Looks So Good From Here
4. In Regards To Self
5. Moving for the Sake of Motion
6. Returning Empty Handed
7. Salmamir
8. There Could Be Nothing After This
9. To Whom It May Concern
10. Writing on the Walls
11. You're Ever So Inviting

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